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Zack Hemsey - Soothsayer

Bonjouur !

ça fait un moment que je recherche une bonne traduction de cette musique, mais impossible de la trouver sad Du coup je pose ça là ! Il s'agit de cette musique, qui est absolument magnifique :

et voilà les lyrics ;

Soothsayer can you save them?
Can you save them?
Can you see the streets in blood?
The remnants of your name?
Soothsayer can you save them?

I had heard of her gift
Off the road from nowhere
Divine in her sight
If your after aware
A child and no tricks
So the ravings declared
This patron looked right beyond that far hill in that house she lives there
So there I go
There I go

A crowd was in form, believers in prayer
Shouts of “die witch” amidst the fanfare
A mere fourteen her look was of despair
This gift seemed more of a curse that she bears
And she spoke of how much that is unknown
That she sees the part of a future unfold
She speaks of only the things she's shown
With what becomes of it she's not in control
But one by one they told her of their plight
They begged her to give of her knowledge and insight
With poise she imparted her visions of foresight
But more fickle is the finger of fate than she’d like

Soothsayer, Can you see the way?

May these words bring you peace
And now, go behold of what will come to be

Soothsayer, can you change this?
Can you see the coming flood?
The warring in your name?
Soothsayer, can you change this?

By week’s end her legend was tenfold
The news of the heavenly oracle took hold
I stood in her audience, now at the crossroads
As swarms had developed surrounding her small home
Then I spoke, not of to be, but what’s been
And warned of the slippery slope that she slid
That I see an era of violence that brims
And implored she consider this choice that I give

Soothsayer, all that will, let it be
Soothsayer, all that is, none can see
Soothsayer, let these words set you free
And now, give this leave and come away with me

Soothsayer, can you save them?
Soothsayer, can you save us?

Merci ! smile :heart:

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#2 21-03-2017 15:54:35

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Re: Zack Hemsey - Soothsayer

Je n'ai malheureusement pas trop le temps en ce moment, donc je ne peux rien garantir à court terme.
Quelles sont les phrases qui vous posent problème à comprendre ? ^^

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